Marc Olson

Level 1 Pilot

Marc Olson
Marc has been an FAA certificated pilot since 1979, obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate at the age of 17. He is a military veteran, having retired from the US Air Force after proudly serving 32-plus years.  His flying experience includes over 8,000 total hours, the majority of which were gained in the mighty A-10 “Warthog.” He has flown a variety of general aviation types. He has 1,000-plus hours in helicopters and in gyroplanes.  His military helicopter experience includes the TH-55, OH-58, UH-1H and EH-1X. His military fixed-wing experience includes the T-37, T-38, AT-38, OV-10, and A-10. He has flown 190 hours in combat. He has logged more than 1,000 hours of Night Vision Goggle time, the majority gained while operating in the challenging night tactical environment. He has extensive tactical experience with various Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) equipped aircraft.
For the past four years he has been employed with a contract company in the United Arab Emirates. There he has shared his considerable combat aviation expertise as a Weapons System Instructor, teaching young Emirati pilots’ conversion training and combat employment training in the Air Tractor AT-802 and Thrush A-660 aircraft.

Marc’s FAA certificates include Airline Transport Pilot – Airplane Single Engine Land and Airplane Multiengine Land, Certified Flight Instructor – Airplane Single Engine Land and Rotorcraft – Gyroplane, Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument, Commercial – Airplane Single Engine Sea and Rotorcraft – Helicopter.

Marc has formal training in various aviation safety disciplines, including the US Air Force Chief-Of-Safety Course, Program Safety Management, Flight Safety Officer, and Aircraft Mishap Investigation.

Marc “Thor” had a safe and productive first season as a “rookie” with CO Fire Aviation. He gained valuable experience and knowledge while working towards the requirements for his Level 1 qualification.  He is looking forward to his second season with CO Fire Aviation as a Level 1 pilot. He is honored to be a member of the CO Fire Aviation Team – helping to set the World-Wide standard for Safety and effective Aerial Fire Suppression.