Pete Jones

Level 1 Pilot

Peter Jones

Peter Jones spent the last 2 years flying SEATS in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming
and Idaho with the 2017 season for Co Fire Aviation, and looks forward to many US fire seasons to come.
He has been involved in the aviation industry for the past 33 years and held many
roles including, director and CEO of one of Australia’s largest Agricultural Aviation
and Fire Fighting companies “Jones Air”.
Peter was a prime director and sat on the board of the Aerial Application Association
of Australia (AAAA).
In 2005 he was awarded the Ray Mackey Service To Industry Award for roles he
played in innovation and safety within the Application Industry.
He has flown SEATs in most States of Australia and many parts of Indonesia.
Peter is currently flying one of only four Fire Boss fire bombing aircraft in Australia.
Peter and his wife Rosie have two sons Cameron 21 and Patrick 19 and two
daughters Chloe 16 and Jasmine 13.