Russell Myers

Level 1 Pilot

Russ Myers
Russ Myers and his wife of 37 years, Tracey have been with CO Fire Aviation from it’s humble beginnings. After retiring from the US Air Force, they now own and operate Paradise Air Ranch (WA62) in Spangle, WA.
He has over 28 years of aviation experience. He was selected to attend Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training in Wichita Falls Texas in 1988 and retired after commanding the 74th Fighter Squadron, the World Famous Flying Tigers, in 2009. He flew over 1000 hours in the OV-10 multi-engine turbo prop, 3500 hours in the A-10A and A-10C.  He was a certified Flight Evaluator, Ground, Flight and Weapons Instructor. Additionally, he instructed Forward Air Controller Airborne (FAC-A), Combat Search And Rescue, Low Level Tactics and US Air Force Initial Instructor Cadre for Night Vision Goggles (NVG’s) where he accumulated over 1200 hours of flight instruction, Test and Evaluation.  He attended the USAF Safety Course in 2005 and conducted and managed several flight and ground safety investigations.
Russ continued as a flight instructor after retirement and was 1 of 6 initial Tactical flight Instructors selected for exchange with the United Arab Emirates Air Force. He accumulated over 700 hours in the AT-802 instructing Low altitude weapons delivery, Tactical Terrain Maneuvers and Instrument fundamentals. He also served as Chief Instructor pilot and Flight Safety Officer.
His transition to aerial fire suppression has brought CO Fire Aviation a priceless amount of experience, knowledge and insight into the industry leading Safety Culture of the United States Air Force.  Russ has skillfully adapted to the challenges of aerial fire suppression and achieved Level I status. He has used his new experiences to develop a safety program focused on balancing safety and accountability. This appoach allows our pilots and ground personnel the confidence to train, operate and report knowing CO Fire Aviation supports them and is dedicated to a safe and effective environment. Our company training emphasizes formal and informal risk management techniques and reinforces that aviation is an inherently dangerous business but with proper training, awareness and care of those around us we can be safe.
Russ has CO Fire Aviation’s full support and dedication to the development of an industry leading training program, safety program and safety culture that can be a benchmark for others in our fire fighting family.